“G Thing: Nothing But A Graffiti Thing” by 123Klan


    G Thing: Nothing But A Graffiti Thing, 2016

    Acrylic on wood panel

    24" x 36"

    Originally from France, 123KLAN was founded by husband and wife Scien and Klor in 1992. Heavily inspired by hip hop, the 90’s graffiti scene, and computer technology, the pair found creative ways to mix graffiti and graphic design. A couple years later, they invaded the web like vandals--conveying their personal style through digital media. In 2007, they opened a studio in Montréal, specializing in branding and logo creation, character design, art direction and of course, graffiti. At the same time, 123KLAN launched their in-house brand BANDIT-1$M. This hyper-active couple tour the world to share their talent through lectures, murals and shows. Scien & Klor currently live and work in Montreal.

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