Early New York Subway Graffiti 1973 - 1975


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    Keith Baugh’s stunning collection of photographs taken in Harlem and the South Bronx in 1973-1975 is one of the earliest records of the golden era of New York subway graffiti, an explosion of visual imagery that captures the very birth of the art form. Keith originally self-published the title and the response from some of the early writers made Keith realise that this is a unique record.

    The book is now being published by Tangent Books and Keith has updated it with another 40 images, many of them the only shots in existence of some of the earliest work. Keith has also included shots of New York City that places the new graffiti culture in stark contrast to the mainstream urban environment. It’s difficult to believe that the shots are of the same city, taken at the same time.

    Leading UK graffiti artist Inkie says of Early New York Subway Graffiti 1973-1975: ‘Keith Baugh's pictures stand in importance alongside Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper in documenting the early history of New York Graffiti. This book is a must have for anyone interested in graffiti and street art.’