Machine by Scott Sueme


    24" x 36"
    Spray paint and house paint on birch panel
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    Scott Sueme was born in Calgary Alberta in 1986. Within less then a year he had moved to Vancouver British Columbia with his family. Scott grew up in Vancouver’s Hastings Sunrise neighborhood, in a house with his father, mother, and older brother. His father was in the print industry, influenced from his farther before him. Scott showed early developments of following this path with interests in typography, design, and the visual arts. Vancouver’s inner city landscape carved Scotts interest in graffiti art along with a keen eye out for graphics, logo design, and iconography in public spaces. Particularly with graffiti, the diversity in letterforms and cultural meaning introduced a new world and a way to communicate. Scott then attended Emily Carr University to study general fine arts. 2 years later he began working as a graphic artist and painter just out of his home before finding studio space in Vancouver’s downtown east side. Over the past 4 years Scott has been building a multidisciplinary set of practices personally and commercially through graphic design, painting, and graffiti art.

    ‘My work is interested in connecting the visual world with my personal experiences and perspective in travel. Graffiti Ideology is often referenced and conveyed through certain stylistic traits and aesthetics. I’m inspired by the abundance and wealth of my visual surroundings – the subtle textures in our natural world and more often, man-made creations in contrast. The work attempts to uncover the link within communication, geometry, landscape, pattern, and colour. Combinations with their respective opposites expose both the contrast, and natural balance of those ideas. I work with geometry as a narrative with landscape and perspective in attempt to reveal its role in both nature, and human interaction within it. Referencing my experiences through a small window of representation allows me to feel connected to the viewer in a new way. The moment of inspiration is born again.’

    Sueme currently works out of his studio in Vancouver’s Olympic Village. He continues to travel and showcase his work on an international level both outdoors and in galleries. He maintains relevancy in the graffiti culture, aspiring to further its development through the practice of technique and processes.