::: Motel Mademoiselle | 8/25/2016 - 9/15/2016

Motel Mademoiselle

On view 8/25/2016 through 9/15/2016

A visual tribute to the most gracefully rebellious souls, “Motel Mademoiselle” features a body of work that seduces you into an alternate reality where the Queen is King and the Lady is the Law… 

Check in and celebrate a collection of women who invite you, through their eyes, into a vibrant and wildly uninhibited universe. Curated by Erin Jacobs, Motel Mademoiselle features multi-faceted works by Deb, Bud Snow, Elrod, Amanda Payne, Franceska Gamez, CHUNEED, Coneja, Nina (Girl Mobb), Yenta, Midnite Maven, & Moe Alvarez.

Motel Mademoiselle is a nod to noble women: youthful at heart and ageless in spirit, beautiful souls imagining luxurious dreams within the chaotic city scape. A curtsey to both the demure and the daring alike, Motel Mademoiselle is a bubbling toast to the daytime hustlers and renegade artists of the night. The ravishing. The radical. On display until September 15th.