Monarch - 1AM Art Collection

Monarch - 1AM Art Collection

On view

Welcome to the 1AM Catalog featuring select works on rotation at Monarch in San Francisco. Currently on view includes original oil paintings and prints by brother duo Ratur and Sckaro from France, alongside prints by local street artists Vogue and Optimist

All original paintings and prints may be purchased through this catalog or email if you would like to set up a payment plan, schedule a visit, or learn more about the art we showcase at our gallery.  

Visit our gallery to view the current exhibition & private collection!
Open 12PM-6:30PM Tuesday-Saturday
1000 Howard St at 6th Street in San Francisco

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French street artist duo, Ratur and Sckaro have painted side by side their entire lives constantly pushing the envelope with their developed fraternal pursuit. The artists have developed their skills through the inspiration of not only graffiti art culture but also by traditional European and Flemish paintings, and the figure in motion. Painting after painting the brothers respond to each other’s work producing ever more extensive polished pieces; consequently creating a kind of back and forth battle.


ABOUT 1:AM Gallery:
1:AM, short for First Amendment, represents the freedom of speech through street art culture via contemporary urban art exhibitionswalls, and classes. Since our launch October 10, 2008, we continually strive to progress the graffiti and street art culture while creating a community of artists, fans, and supporting like minded organizations. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are passionate about exhibiting, teaching, painting, and archiving the street art movement while inspiring the masses with this artistic form of the freedom of speech.