Get With The Program: Pemex & Klops

Get With The Program: Pemex & Klops

On view

First Amendment Gallery is pleased to present “Get With The Program”, a collection of new collaborative work from graffiti artists Pemex and Klops, on display from March 2nd until April 15th, 2017.

The distinctive styles of East and West Coast graffiti art converge in “Get With the Program,” a collaboration between two prolific, internationally-renowned graffiti artists, Pemex and Klops. In “Get With the Program,” Pemex and Klops interrogate emerging forms of mass communication, including the rise of “emojis” and the profound impact of this new visual language on American culture and politics. By contorting urban landscapes into intricate lettering, their work synthesizes alphabetic and pictorial forms of representation. As the show’s title suggests, “Get With the Program” is a call to action, and ultimately an assertion of the power of visual literacy against chatter, disinformation, and systemic violence.

In the world of graffiti and massive urban murals, Pemex is a hard name to overlook. Focusing primarily on social injustice, his work represents and incorporates this theme in public spaces through letter concepts. Renowned for executing intricate pieces in limited time frames, Pemex's work can be viewed around the world. Originally from Los Angeles, he now calls the Bay Area home.

Klops is a graffiti writer hailing from Queens, New York City. Klops is a self-taught artist whose work tends to make a political or social commentary, and other times is simply hilarious in nature. “Get With The Program” is Klops’ first collaborative show in San Francisco. With this show, the duo brings to canvas the dedication and risk-taking that brought them international notoriety.

Please inquire about special set pricing for "Eve + Adam", "Immigrant + Native", "Priorities + You Can't Do That", "Inconvenience + Gallery Girl", "Attention + Span", and "Democracy + Home":