::: Available Pemex Artwork

Available Pemex Artwork

In the world of graffiti and massive urban murals, PEMEX is a hard name to overlook. He’s paid plenty of dues getting his hands dirty and raised through the ranks to be one of the most renowned graffiti artists putting up work all throughout California and abroad. It wasn’t an easy road getting there. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, it would have been easy to fall victim to the environment that raised him, to follow the same disastrous path that so many others did. But PEMEX is no ordinary person. He was able to do what few other were, to process his experience and channel it to grow strong and resilient, self-capable and fearless. His street work is savage and unrelenting, stylish and possessing in it a humor and history unique to the artist himself.

-Commissioned pieces also available upon request through the gallery-

contact art@1amgallery.com for any inquiries